FABBRICA dello SPETTACOLO arti sceniche contemporanee

Auditions for Canned Meat

Auditions for MEAT in BOX
In a society like ours, where the core values are increasingly being indulged with respect to the “God money” (the only means of gaining wealth and power equipment), where sex is also the engine drives trade, preferably available for use at detachment, maybe through virtual reality more or less where you ‘look’ without knowing who you are or you are not performing for anyone wanting to know: what and why such a young actor pushing to get into the game until you get to fully confide in and carry out, wrapped in a scene from the audience to view, actions that are usually defined pornography, intimate or extreme and otherwise are filtered and protected from the pages of a magazine, a screen, or the darkness of a theater?
In his search for self-affirmation, and thus of power over public category, the actor who makes the gesture achieves its purpose and becomes an instrument in the service of a hidden power that to fulfill their own interests into the meat slaughter?
And again, who really maneuver the lever of power? The actor is understood as an individual who stands on the public class? The public, in order to meet their own needs “vuoyeristici” shall be present at certain performances hiding behind a mask of false cultural respectability? Or is there really a hidden power that maneuver the individual actor and the needs of the public according to a predetermined pattern to satisfy your needs? Auditions for “Canned Meat” is a real specimen, even if presented with the criteria of performance, addressed to actors men between 18 and 45 years to form the cast of a possible staging of “Canned Meat” show about male prostitution, characterized by strong tones and explicit scenes and realistic as you can see now abound in the “auteur”.
Auditions for “Canned Meat” wants to tell without using uncertain terms and conventions, giving bodies “cold facts” of the actors in the audience meal that will (or illuder√†) to have the power to decide on the choice of performers. Giving the possibility (or the illusion) to those viewers who so choose, to become protagonists of the same show for which bought the ticket and, finally, giving the actors were not aware of being ready to be butchered meat and canned for consumerist needs of the masses, the possibility (or illusion) that you have, no matter what the specimen, those for whom perform as artists … But be careful, because it may happen that the game phagocytes someone offering an angle of view can reveal a “reality” different from the one known (or suspected), and can expose the real intentions of the individual object, transforming the perpetrator himself.
A director, sitting at the table of the Committee (or the audience), viewing the actors candidates ready for anything (ie nothing) and interacting with the public, take this power play seesaw between the two parties. The performance of the evening is complemented by the projection of samples taken place behind closed doors, with the aim of achieving the same Auditions for “Canned Meat” and is based on events that occurred in the specimens mentioned above which have been viewed over one hundred fifty actors of stakeholders.