FABBRICA dello SPETTACOLO arti sceniche contemporanee



In 2003, with the intention of group activities ‘of research, training and production, is born La Fabbrica dello Spettacolo, the subgroup of SN Stage Group, the brainchild of Simone Nardini, already’ actively engaged both in the field of training of theater .

La Fabbrica dello Spettacolo, which operated in a former factory (hence ‘his name), wants to develop a research through workshops and self-produced theater deepening social issues.
Were conducted workshops on issues such as the youth problems, the search for his own identity ‘, the rediscovery of one’s body as an expressive element. In particular, two laboratories have seen the birth of their shows’ contact sheet for Canned Meat “and” LORCAbaret. ” The first was investigated on the delicate balance of power in society today ‘, in the second, working on the imbalance and from a rediscovery of the body, we then analyzed with the help of texts by G. Lorca diversities ‘that are discriminated against in society’ western creating a unique theatrical performance that embraces both the languages of theater, poetry reading and art performance.

Often, but not always, or only, we worked on the denial of the clear division of roles between actors and spectators; denying, sometimes, a theater designed only as fiction or as a representation, denying the exasperation of professional theater and the actor; proposing Community theater which time, the creative process of group and time for reflection artistic, social, cultural and political.
All as like us contaminating various forms of expression, resulting in words, bodies, situations, topics and the evocative power of images. If you do not go to the theater just to see what happens but what happens to us.

Factory Performing I produced

– 2014: “LORCAbaret” – Sei Quadri e un Assassinio – Italia

– 2012: “LORCAbaret” – Six Scenes and a Murder – LOS ANGELES USA

– 2011: “LORCAbaret” – Sei Quadri e un Assassinio

– 2009: “Study for LORCABARET”

– 2005: “Ramblings of DREAM OF A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S”

-2004: “Wiri” and “Samples for MEAT IN BOX”