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Auditions for Canned Meat
Provini per Carne in ScatolaAuditions for Canned MeatAudiciones para Carne EnlatadaMeghallgatásokat Húskonzerv

Auditions for MEAT in BOX In a society like ours, where the core values are increasingly being indulged with respect to the “God money” (the only means of gaining wealth and power equipment), where sex is also the engine drives trade, preferably available for use at detachment, maybe through virtual reality more or less where […]

LORCAbaret, six scenes and a murderer
LORCAbaret, sei quadri e un assassinioLORCAbaret,  six scenes and a murdererLORCAbaret,  seis cuadros y un asesinatoLORCAbaret, Sechs Bilder und ein MörderLORCAbaret, seis quadros e um assassinatoLORCAbaretLORCAbaret, Hat jelenet és egy gyilkosság

LORCAbaret, six scenes and a murderer

Adotta LORCAbaret
Adotta LORCAbaretAdotta LORCAbaretAdotta LORCAbaretAdotta LORCAbaretAdotta LORCAbaretAdotta LORCAbaretAdotta LORCAbaret

sostieni LORCAbaret
L’iniziativa, rivolta a privati ed aziende, è dedicata agli amanti del teatro che vogliono sostenere la nostra produzione

chi siamoaboutFdSFdS

ABOUT US In 2003, with the intention of group activities ‘of research, training and production, is born La Fabbrica dello Spettacolo, the subgroup of SN Stage Group, the brainchild of Simone Nardini, already’ actively engaged both in the field of training of theater . La Fabbrica dello Spettacolo, which operated in a former factory (hence […]